Lilly King is a proud alum of Washington College, graduating in 2018 with a B.A. in Business Management and minors in Art and Marketing. During college she worked as a costume designer and later appointed the Costume Shop Manager during her senior year. She recently attended Designlab's UX Academy and now is actively transitioning to a career in UX/UI design. When she is not working, you likely can find her crafting mixed media projects, searching for vintage clothing, or (you guessed it) taking photographs chasing after the ephemeral by capturing authentic moments and details that may otherwise be overlooked.




Digitally, Lilly primarily uses a Nikon D3100 with various lenses. However, when she decides to slow down and go analog, she alternates between a Pentax ME Super or Minolta X-700 both loaded with Kodax Tri-X 400TX black and white film.




Since Lilly strives for honesty in her work, she prefers to use simple editors such as Adobe Lightroom only to crop or to slightly alter the lighting/saturation/ect. in a photograph.  For film photographs, she prides on being old-fashioned sticking to the long hours dodging, burning, and placing the occasional filter placed inside an enlarger while in the darkroom.




Photo by Bailey Hill.